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Spill Response                                                                                                                                       24/7 - Emergency Hotline 877-778-5175



Emergency Response Services and Spill Cleanup Response


NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. responds to all types of transportation emergencies and non-emergencies (rail, air, water, highway, fixed facilities, and Fire Control), from the initial response, to the restoration of the property. NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. will contain the release, remediate the site, transport the waste, and handle the disposal and reclamation of the property. NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. can handle all reporting to the state and federal agencies.


Emergency response has been a part of NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC.’s personnel and managers since the early 1970’s. Our manager served as a volunteer fireman for 22 years, EMT for 18 years, and H2S Safety for 5 years in the oil industry working in 36% to 100% H2S. This experience has enabled NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. to incorporate the learning experience and form an efficient operating team of personnel.


 NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. maintains the fireman’s attitude in handling all emergency responses. We maintain a live answering service 24/7 - not one that takes information and has an on call person reach out to you. They will take the necessary information and patch you though to the on call person. The manager will head directly to the site, while the crew is getting ready to leave. This will put a person on site quicker who has the ability to calm the situation and asses what equipment is needed.


The NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. team has all the experience necessary to handle the most difficult hazardous materials emergency response HAZMAT for: Transportations spill cleanup, emergency response industrial cleaning with hydro blasters, emergency vacuum truck, super suckers (air movers), industrial spill cleanup, confined space entry and recue, fire control, oil spills in the water, on land or pad sites, Mercury spill cleanup and response, crime scene cleanup, bio-hazard cleanup, and blood borne pathogens.




Emergency Response to Spill Cleanup in the Water


NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. Inc. personnel have responded to inland waterways and open ocean water. NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. receives a call immediately notify our response team members that a spill response in the water has occurred. The incident commander immediately deploys to the site to assess the situation and dispatch appropriate personnel, supplies and equipment needed to handle the spill. The response teams are getting ready to leave by loading extra supplies and equipment needed such as containment boom, absorbent boom, absorbent pads, pumps, oil skimmers, vacuum trucks, boats, and emergency response trucks while making sure all safety supplies and PPE are on board. Once on site, the crews are briefed of the situation by the incident commander and then a safety meeting held for all personnel on site including any subcontractors. Once the containment boom is in place to capture the spilled material in the water (oil, curd oil, hydraulic oil, gasoline and hazardous and none hazardous materials the float), then the skimmer and vacuum trucks are place in the containment area and begin skimming the product. Frac-Tanks are brought in for storage of the recovered product for later disposal. Cleanup also has begun along the banks of the water’s edge. The above process will continue until the job is complete.


NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. can protect our clients’ interests and be cost effective. Water responses are unique for every spill response. The placement of the containment boom and soft boom is very important to make them effective. The NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. team has the training to place the boom correctly and maintain them for the most effective recovery of the spilled product. We have equipment in hose such as, swamp, pond, canal, river containment boom, skimmers, vacuum truck, sludge boxes and frac-tanks for storage, oil only 5 inch by 10 feet, oil only soft boom, 8 inch by 10 feet oil only boom, and oil only absorbent pads for cleanup of oil spilled products. NATIONAL RAPID RESPONSE, INC. also has two boats ready to respond at a moment’s notice for emergency response spill cleanups in the water and water ways. All of our team members are trained in water safety and steep bank safety for the rivers and canals.



 24/7 Emergency

Response Equipment Include:

  • Response Truck full loaded with equipment & supplies
  • Response trailers
  • Response Trucks 1 ton
  • Dry & Liquid Vacuum Trucks
  • Frac-tanks
  • Sludge boxes
  • Air Movers & Comb Units
  • Roll off Trucks
  • Skidders
  • Backhoes
  • Street Sweepers
  • Totes
  • Drums
  • Containment Boom
  • Absorbent Boom
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Dry absorbents
  • SCBS and bunker gear
  • Transfer pumps 1” to 3”
  • Hydro excavators
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 Emergency Water 

Spill Response Equipment: 

  • Boom Deployment (River and Lake containment Boom)
  • Absorbent Boom and Pads
  • Jon Boats
  • Oil skimmers
  • Float a pumps
  • Vacuum Trucks 80 BBL
  • Vacuum Trucks 130 BBL
  • Frac-Tanks, Sludge Boxes
  • And much more
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